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Blaze provides a modern solution for creating your site, editing and publishing your content.

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What you get

A platform that makes high performance sites, simple.

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CMS-like Editor

We have created a state of the art content modelling tool that provides the flexibility you require to build your web project.

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Low cost

The recipe of a building based on flat files lowers down Cloud hosting costs and provides total security.

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Fast Deployments

With a click of a button, your team can push changes to repo from Github. More providers will be available soon.

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Third-party Content

Extended features provided by third-party tools and plugins you already use such as Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo among others.

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Automatic Deployments

Send your compiled site to your host or just commit changes back to your repo. Blaze integrates with your deployment process.

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Sync changes immediately

When you save changes Blaze automatically updates your code repository.

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